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High Holy Day Registration 2020


Dear Friends,


We warmly invite you to join us this year for our virtual High Holy Day services in September, led by Rabbi Marx; our Rabbinic intern, Elana Ackerman Hirsh; Cantor Toby Schwartz; and Cantorial Soloist Steve Dropkin.  All of our services this year will be held on Zoom as well as streamed on Facebook. Below you will find information about the High Holy Days and Festival services. 


          SELICHOT – סליחות
          Saturday, September 12th                                        8:00pm  *new time            
          ROSH HASHANAH – ראש השנה
          Friday, September 18th 

                    Evening Service                                              6:00-6:45pm  *new time

          Saturday, September 19th  

                    Morning Service                                           10:00am


          YOM KIPPUR – יום כיפור


          Sunday, September 27th

                    Evening Service                                             7:30pm

          Monday, September 28th

                    Morning Service                                           10:00am

                    Film and Discussion                                       1:00pm

                    Study Session                                                 3:00pm

                    Yizkor and Concluding Services                    5:00pm


          SUKKOT סוכות

          Friday, October 2nd   

                    Service                                                          6:00pm


          SIMCHAT TORAH – שמחת תורה

          Friday, October 9TH  

                    Service                                                          6:00pm



For Members,

Once we’ve received your membership renewal, we will send you a link to join all the services on Zoom.  

Please click here to renew your membership by September 5th, 2020.

For Relatives of Members,
If you wish to have your adult children (over the age of 21) or other relatives join in our service, we ask that you make a donation on their behalf. This donation may be applied toward their membership dues if they decide to join the congregation.

For Guests,
We warmly invite you to join us for the High Holy Days. In these unusual times we would appreciate any donation to offset our operating costs. Our suggested donation is $100. This donation may be applied toward your membership dues if you decide to join the congregation. We welcome you to join us through our Facebook page: The Santa Monica Synagogue.

We will be using sections from our new prayerbook.  Two copies of these booklets will be available for pickup at the synagogue or will be available online for download.

Each household is asked to contribute Chai ($18.00) toward the ritual costs of the High Holy Days.  Please indicate your donation on the appropriate line in the attached order form.

The Jewish custom of Hidur Mitzvah (embellishment) helps to enrich our High Holy Day services.  Please direct your donations, in any amount, to the attached Hidur Mitzvah Donation form by September 5th, 2020.

At this difficult time, because we can’t physically donate groceries, and when so many are suffering financially, emotionally and physically, please consider a donation to SOVA, a JNF food pantry that provides groceries and support services to those in need.

Yizkor is a time when we bring to mind all of our loved ones and friends who have died. If you wish to have a name(s) listed in our Yizkor book that you did not submit previously, please fill out that information in the form, below.  Please note that there is a separate section for those who have died during the past year. Be sure to print the names clearly to be included in the book. All names must be submitted no later than September 5th, 2020.

The Religious School will provide activities for students through the High Holy Days season.  These programs will be online activities, recordings, stories and materials to help celebrate at home. 
In order to help our school children begin to experience some of the majesty of the High Holy Days and to familiarize them with High Holy Day songs and melodies, (Kol Nidre, Aveinu Malkeinu) we strongly encourage you to sit together as a family for our services 



If you have and questions, please feel free to call the office at 310-453-4276
or email us at


2020 -- High Holy Days Order Form -- 5781

Please complete your details:

Donation for additional family members attending:   $

Donation for guests attending:   $

Each household is asked to contribute Chai ($18) toward the cost of ritual expenses
for the High Holy Days. Please indicate your intention below.
Chai Contribution for Ritual Expenses.

I/we would like to contribute $18 (or more) toward each of the following sponsorship selected:
In honor/In memory of (please specify)
Selichot Musician
Yom Kippur musician
Religious School Programs
Yizkor Books
Prayerbooklet photocopying
Zoom license
Rosh Hashanah Honey
Where Needed


At this difficult time where so many are suffering financially, emotionally and physically, please consider donations to SOVA, a food pantry that provides groceries and supportive services.
I would like to donate the following amount:   $

Place a leaf on our Tree of Life in Memory or in Honor of a loved one.
Suggested dedication openings:

In Honor of
In Memory of
In Celebration of
In Appreciation of
Mazel Tov to
Thank you to
In Blessing for

Dedication(s): Please print your dedication(s) starting with your dedication opening eactly as you would like it to appear on the bookplate:
Please type your entire message exactly as you would like it to appear on the leaf, using the following 3 lines.
(Total leaf space is 45 characters with each space counting as a character)
Line 1 of the Leaf
Line 2 of the Leaf
Line 3 of the Leaf

If you wish to have a name listed in our Yizkor Book, please add their name below.

Please ONLY submit names that you did not submit last year.

Died since last High Holy Days
Died in previous years
(and were NOT listed in last year's Yizkor Book)



Fri, May 7 2021 25 Iyar 5781