Youth Groups

Our youth groups are designed to provide social opportunities for our students, while also reinforcing the educational principles taught in the religious school. The SMS has social programming for all our religious school students:  Third Time for 3rd graders,  Club 45 for grades 4-5,  SMJY (Santa Monica Jewish Youth) for grades 6-8,and SMRTY (Santa Monica Reform Temple Youth) for grades 9-12.

SMRTY provides our teens the opportunity to explore their Jewish identity and become involved with community service.  Members of SMRTY also have the opportunity to attend regional youth group events through NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth) connecting them with other Jewish teenagers around Los Angeles.

SMJY, Club 45, and Third Time are designed to promote social activities for our younger students throughout the year with events such as ice skating, bowling, and synagogue sleepovers.