Board Leadership

AmyAmy Spiegel, President

I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC.  My parents were Holocaust survivors and were active members in a very warm Conservative synagogue.  After college, I spent part of a year in Israel, on an Ulpan learning Hebrew.  I returned to live in Washington DC, eventually getting an MBA and meeting my husband Neal, having three boys, and over that period of time working in tourism, meeting planning for an association, and later consulting with the federal government at a small minority-owned firm.

A little over 11 years ago, my husband was offered a position with his firm to open a new office in Los Angeles and so we moved to Santa Monica.  Since our eldest son was due to have a Bar Mitzvah in a year, one of the first items on our agenda was to find a replacement for the large Reform congregation we had left. We came to the Santa Monica Synagogue on a Friday night – a place that was the exact opposite in size – and enjoyed meeting the community, the Rabbi, and the Director of Education.  What clinched the deal was when our eldest son tried out the 7th grade class that the Rabbi was teaching, and returned home to exclaim, “The Rabbi is awesome.”

My path of activity started at the synagogue by agreeing to help bring in volunteers to work at the annual Purim Carnival.  That led to other committee work and eventually being on the Board of the synagogue.  During that time, I’ve gotten to know a really great group of dedicated, interesting, and wonderful congregants.  Our synagogue really is about the people.

I am happy to talk with any of our current members about their experiences here or to anyone who is interested in learning more about our welcoming community.  Feel free to email me at:

Board of Trustees

Carol Beitcher
Judi Friedman
Cary Jackson
Susan Klein
Michelle Richards
Marie Lynne Robinson
Rona Rodrig
James Stang
Dan Sussman
Jeff Swimmer

Executive Committee

Amy Spiegel — President
Amy Goldware — Vice-President
Julie Fenyes — Vice-President
Michael L. Cohen — Vice President
Adam Telanoff — Secretary
Cheryl Stecher — Treasurer
Marc Katz — Past President
Ada Rousso — Advisor
David Harris — Advisor